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Dental Treatments

Routine Examination

from £37

A routine dental examination takes around 30-40 minutes and includes a full dental check, gum screening, soft tissue check, diet and oral hygiene advice, a full treatment plan and discussion about your dental health and goals.

Scale & Polish

from £48

A scale a polish involves an assessment the gums and advice on cleaning and diet along with a full mouth scale and tartar removal with a full mouth polish and stain removal.

Periodontal Gum Treatment

from £99 per arch

This treatment is for those clients who suffer with gum disease known as perio or periodontal disease. This treatment involves deep cleaning under the gum into the pockets to help maintain and prolong bone loss.

This treatment may be required on 1 or more teeth several times per year as recommended by your dentist/hygienist.

Air Polishing

from £75

Includes a scale and polish along with air polishing which removed the finest of staining between teeth giving a glaze and brighten finish.


Air Polishing

De - Sensitising Polish

from £95

Using a 99% NovaMin powder which is clinically proven to reduce sensitivity by forming a protective layer over the sensitive parts of the teeth (6% NovaMin in sensodyn)

This treatment is ideal for those patients to suffer with sensitive teeth and want to combat sensitivity at the same time as removing staining.

Required  every 6-9 months.




from £5 each

If any x-rays are required these will be an additional £5 per digital x-ray.

White Dental Fillings

from £75

Our dental fillings are performed using high grade white composite to allow an aesthetic finish and tooth like appearance.

Fissure Sealant

from £59

Fissure sealant are very common in children and any adults who are at risk of dental decay. This involves adding a flowable material into the areas of teeth prone to decay to help seal them and help protect them.

Home Tooth Whitening

from £299

We offer the highest strength bleaching gel to be used with your custom lab made tooth whitening trays. Gradually whitening your teeth over several weeks with 4 syringes of Phillip’s ZOOM gel.


Home Tooth Whitening

Zoom Laser Tooth Whitening

from £449

This package involves a 90 minute laser session at the clinic where your teeth will lighten by 6-12 shades giving you an instant whiteness. This also includes bespoke lab made home trays and gel to continue use at home for long term maintenance and top ups.

Zoom Laser Whitening

Teeth Whitening


Dental Bonding / Composite Veneers

from £250 per tooth

Composite veneers are more commonly known as dental bonding. This process involves using a composite material which is added and bonded onto your teeth to help improve the shape, size and alignment of your teeth. Most bonding treatments involve no injections, pain and no drilling down of your natural teeth.


Porcelain Veneers

from £450 per tooth

Using the best porcelain from high end labs in Leeds and London our porcelain veneers can help improve the shape, size and colour of your teeth.


from £499

White Porcelain crowns made from high end labs in London and Leeds to give an aesthetic finish and high-end protection from the tooth underneath.


from £599

Bridges can be used to fill gaps from missing teeth and help improve the appearance as well as easting and speech.

Invisalign Tooth Straightening

from £999

We offer a range of tooth straightening options, most popular being Invisalign clear braces. This involves patients wearing clean aligners 22 hours a day to gradually move and straighten teeth. Prices vary depending on the amount and extent of teeth being moved.

Drill Free Fillings

from £99

The dentist drill is commonly recognised as one of the No.1 dental phobias around the world, from the noise, the vibrations or the heat and smells, a lot of clients would choose to swap this for an alternative if given the option.

How Does It Work?

The Aquacut technology combines a a small volume of different powders with a fine stream of fluid which, when directed at the tooth, allows decay to be quickly and gently removed.

The aquacut can be likened to a miniature sandblaster which produces no pain.

Unlike the conventional dentist drill the Aquacut hand piece makes no contact with your teeth, there is no unpleasant vibration, odour or heat and it eliminates the noise of the dental drill.

The Aquacut system not only be used to repair your teeth, but also as an alternative to traditional scaling and polishing techniques. The Aquacut Quattro quickly and gently removes stains and leaves you with a fabulously clean feeling mouth.

The Skin Care Specialists

We have a wide range of skin treatments available for you, all carried out by our leading surgeons.

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